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Marcus Mitropoulos

Multimedia Journalist

Carleton University J-school graduate

LCF Fashion Journalism Masters Student

Castaway stuck on Stone Island



In my senior year of high school, my mom bought me my first GQ magazine. On the cover was Seth Rogan, smoking a joint, unwinding on a sandy beach. My mom's thoughtful purchase kickstarted my ambitious journey to becoming a fashion journalist. Since then, I've completed a bachelor's degree of journalism at Carleton University, accumulated by-lines from publications in three continents, and enjoyed my morning matcha with a podcast or article from one of the various global leaders in fashion news. I've recently moved across the pond to continue my academic career at London College of Fashion.


I grew up as an athlete. ​I played hockey and soccer throughout elementary school, until I competed at a level which demanded winter, indoor sessions. During the transitional years of Grade 8 to 10, I played Provincial level soccer. I fell out of love with the sport from a competitive standpoint, and chose to put my 6'5" frame to good use as a guard in basketball. I played the sport in my last two years of high school, starting at the prep level for Bill Crothers Secondary School. Throughout my four years at BCSS, I was recruited to play for the school's rugby team. This love for rugby continued into University where I chose to compete for the Carleton Ravens in my fourth year. 

Now, I can be found spending my spare time lifting weights at the gym, smoking cigars with my dad, spending far too much money on candles, browsing the never ending pages on Ssense, and trying not to destroy yet another matcha whisk. 



My career as a journalist began in 2020 when I worked on my first contributing article for The Charlatan, Carleton Universities' student newspaper. This article parlayed into a content writing role for School of Scent, an emerging fragrance YouTube channel.

I was swiftly picked up by Ifragrance to work as the website's Editor in Chief. In this role, I wrote and edited 4-8 posts per week from 3 contributors. I also worked directly with perfume houses in order to secure brand deals and advertising placements.

This role concluded in 2022, subsequently replaced by freelance positions at World Atlas, blogTOCULTED, Streets of Toronto, and Capital Current.

My time at CULTED was spent as a contributor, as well as a staff writer while the magazine was in between writers. I pitched and produced articles daily, eventually working my way into two weekly columns. 

I'm currently freelancing for Streets of Toronto, where I produce articles in a multitude of sections, along with video content on their Instagram. I spent a month in August as the magazine's food editor before I had to head back to school in order to complete my degree.

I recently began a role at a menswear publication called PAUSE, where I cover daily news and write long-form features. You can contact me for specific inquiries at



Call me at +44 0777 0891 121

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Address London, ENG

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