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Marcus' Best Hits

Here is where you can find some of my favourite articles that I've written or shot. They might include household names or names you wish you knew more about. Nonetheless, enjoy!



How F1 driver Nicholas Latifi became Toronto’s fastest man

This profile on Nicholas Latifi was written right before the French Grand Prix in 2022. I chatted with Nichy over Zoom as he enjoyed a croissant and I sipped on an espresso.


Gorden Wagener: The creative behind your dream cars

In this profile, Wagener and I discussed the future of electric cars, his time working alongside Virgil Abloh and most importantly, what it means to be a Mercedes.

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By Kody Phillips: Pushing through creative norms

This was the profile that I wrote to accompany my application to LCF on emerging designer Kody Phillips.


The people of Stone Island: An Archive

This archive took about two months to produce and included over 25 interviews. By the end, I had compiled a list of Stone Island lovers to participate in a capsule in celebration of the brand's 40th b-day.



This T.O. sneaker shop is so popular that even celebrities can't resist a visit

For this profile, I conducted multiple interviews with Chris Solhi, the founder of Hotbox. We discussed his meteoric rise through Toronto's streetwear scene.


Soccer is inspiring this celebrity-approved fashion trend in Toronto

Take a glance into the everlasting blokecore trend in Toronto. 



Toronto is getting its first-ever tattoo bus this summer

I went into Etobicoke to visit the Tattour bus, a 40 foot tour bus which has been turned into a fully operating tattoo studio and event space.


Fashion School: C.P. Company most important introductory pieces

This article showcases my ability to research and dive deep into a particular topic. For this piece, I dove into the world of C.P. Company, a label close to my heart and one that has a chokehold on my wallet.

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